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Information for organisations who employ lawyers

As an employer, you can make payment for your employees practising certificates by:

  • Providing them with a corporate credit card number they enter when they submit their applications
  • Arranging BPAY payments. If your lawyers select ‘BPAY’ as their payment method they will receive an email with the BPAY details, including a unique reference code. Use that reference code when you make payment.

We accept:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Amex

We are no longer able to take bulk payments for lawyer application or fidelity fund fees. Please arrange for your lawyers to make payment by credit card or BPAY.


If you have a legal entity LSB Online account you can log in and see the lawyers that are assigned to the entity. You will be able to see:

  • lawyers associated with your organisation
  • if a lawyer has submitted their application (submitted or not submitted will appear as the status).

You will not be able to see the payment details or make payment here.

When looking for practitioners who have not renewed, you also won't see the details of any new employees who are paying for their first practising certificate.

To register a legal entity LSB Online account use the lawyer enquiry form and select ‘Assistance’ and ‘Assistance with logging into or using LSB Online’ as the category.

We generally cannot provide refunds for practising certificate fees that have already been paid, however there are very limited circumstances where we may refund fees. See our Overpayment and Refunds policy for more information.

A partnership must have a minimum of two partners. If one partner leaves and there is no replacement partner the registration of the entity must change to either a sole practice or an Incorporated Law Practice. If you choose to become an Incorporated Law Practice you must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Find out more about registering a law practice

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