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Applying for a Victorian Practising Certificate for the first time

Use this guide to help you apply for your first practising certificate (newly admitted lawyers and lawyers registering for the first time from interstate).

You cannot apply for a practising certificate without a law practice or organisation to be assigned to. The law practice/organisation also needs to be registered with us first.

Visit LSB Online

Click on the button ‘Log into LSB Online’

Login to LSB Online page

Your username is your practitioner number [P1234567] which was sent to you when you registered for an LSB Online account

Login form

Select ‘Practising certificates’ from the menu

LSB Online home page

Select ‘Apply for or change your practising certificate’

Forms screen

You will see the practising certificate application and variation form home screen. It contains seven sections to complete.

The blue ‘?’ buttons contain useful tips to help you complete the form


Some of your details will already be populated. Please check these are correct and add any missing information.

Applicant tab

The ‘Date practising certificate to take effect’ needs to be the same as the day you start work in your position. This date can’t be before the date you submit your application to us. 

If you don’t have a position you can’t apply for a practising certificate

Date practicising

Select your ‘Practising certificate type’ 

If you are registering for a principal certificate please read our frequently asked questions before applying online

Click ‘Next’ or select the ‘Practice/contact’ tab

Practising certificate type

You must be assigned to an organisation before you can submit your application. 

To assign yourself to your organisation click on the blue ‘Add practice’ button

Add practice

Start typing the organisation name into the first box and then select the correct organisation from the list

The system will automatically populate the practice type and address

If you can’t find your organisation on the list you will need to contact us via the lawyer enquiry form  

Select the ‘Position type’ from the drop down list

You can add multiple places of practice (for example, if you also work as a volunteer, or work two part time jobs), and you should answer ‘Yes’ to the place of practice where you spend the most time

Enter your ‘Commencement date’. This must be the same as the date you entered in the first screen for ‘Date practising certificate to take effect’

Click ‘Continue’

Add practice pop up

You will now see your organisation name and details. If you need to add another practice, click on the blue ‘Add practice’ button and repeat the steps above.

Law Practice name

Enter your address for service details. This must be a street address. The suburb, state and postcode will appear on the Register of Victorian Legal Practitioners on our website

Address of service

You can now choose a preferred mailing address which can be either your address for service or your primary place of practice address

Enter your contact details

You will receive emails from us to the email address provided here so please do not use a generic or shared address.

Contact details screen

If you have a Practice Contingency Plan, please select ‘Yes’ and provide contact details. If you do not have one, please select ‘No.

Note: This step is only applicable for Sole Practitioners or when there is only one Legal Director in an Incorporated Legal Practice (ILP).

Click ‘Next’ or select the ‘Eligibility/Compliance tab’

Practice contingency plan

These questions help us make a decision about whether we can issue you with a PC

Select your place of residence from the drop down list. 

Select the ‘Principal place of practice’ from the drop down list. If not ‘Victoria’ provide details

If your place of residence and/or principal place of practice is not Victoria view our interstate lawyer FAQs 


As a newly admitted lawyer, your first practising certificate will have a supervised legal practice condition. This means that you must be supervised while you engage in legal practice. 

Unless an exemption applies or you have already met this condition select ‘Yes’.

For information about supervised legal practice and when this condition can be removed see our supervised legal practice FAQs 

Supervised legal practice

Unless you have a new matter to disclose select ‘No’ to this question . Please see the ‘Notes’ or our disclosure and how cause events FAQs for more information.

Fit and proper person to hold a practising certificate

Unless you have a new matter to disclose select ‘No’ to this question . Please see the ‘Notes’ or our disclosure and how cause events FAQs for more information.

Show cause or notifiable events

If you are a newly admitted lawyer or a lawyer registering from interstate, please select ‘I did not hold a practising certificate in this period’ from the options. You can find out more about continuing professional development requirements at our FAQs.

All other lawyers select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Continuing professional development

The following questions are voluntary. We will report this data on a strictly de-identified basis. If you consent, the data regarding areas of practice will be included on the Register of Victorian Legal Practitioners on our website.

Practice areas tab

Tick the boxes for the areas of law in which you practice (or intend to practice). You can tick a maximum of 15. 

If you are already employed you can also enter details about the days and hours you work each week.

Practice areas

The following questions are voluntary. We will report this data on a strictly de-identified basis. If you consent, the data regarding languages spoken will be included on the Register of Victorian Legal Practitioners on our website.

We have relied on ABS data collection standards to determine the selection options available.

Cultural diversity tab

Choose from the drop-down list which country you were born in. Choose your ancestry from the drop-down list. You can provide a maximum of two responses for your ancestry.

If your ancestry is not listed, you can type your response in the box provided.

Ethnic and cultural diversity

Click on a geographic area to display the languages. Tick the boxes for any languages that you speak (maximum of 5)

Non-English Languages

Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ here to let us know if you already hold a practising certificate, or have recently applied for one, from a jurisdiction other than Victoria

If you are registering from interstate you must surrender any current practising certificates before you can submit this application

Enter a ‘Tick’ in the declaration box, which is your digital signature


If you would like to receive communication from the Law Library of Victoria, select ‘Yes’.

If you would like your information about areas of practice and languages to be included on the register of lawyers online select ‘Yes’ to the consent questions.

If you select ‘No’ but provided these details in the previous section, this information will only be used for de-identified reporting.

Use and disclosure of personal information

A summary of your information will appear in the ‘Payment’ screen

Click ‘Confirmed’ or go back and edit your information if incorrect

Payment tab

Your fees will now display

Select your payment method. You can pay by BPAY or credit card

If you select credit card the payment screen will load and you can enter your details. A tax receipt will be emailed to you.

If you select BPAY we will email you with the BPAY payment details

If you select BPAY, please note that your application will not be processed until we receive payment

NOTE: we can’t issue you with a tax invoice for later payment. You need to select either credit card or BPAY to submit your application.  


Click ‘Submit’ to send your application to us for review. If you don’t click submit the application will remain in draft form and you will not get your practising certificate.


We will review your application and let you know when it is approved.

Your application will only be processed when we receive:
•    A completed application form via LSB Online
•    Your payment 
•    Notification that any applicable professional indemnity insurance has been paid

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