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“I enjoy the quality of people we hire and the engaging conversations.
I think our staff are amazing and have a lot to contribute to our vision and mission moving forward.”
 – Employee

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Our New Employee Value Proposition Statement

"The VLSB+C’s purpose is to regulate legal practices in Victoria and promote trust and confidence in the legal profession. We are a growing organisation made up of outstanding teams on a mission to help consumers and lawyers.

Over time, we have improved our great organisational culture. Our People Matter Survey results are better than the wider Victorian Public Sector by an average of 9%. As a VLSB+C member of staff, while being part of a purpose-driven organisation, you will also have access to a range of flexible working options to make an impact on your personal life. On top of this, our horizontal structure allows for more partnership with your colleagues and other teams in the business.

And when you are in office, we have an active Social Club and an engaged Well-being Committee that organises fun and positive activities promoting socialising and wellness.”.

What we offer

We asked our staff what was great about working at the VLSB+C, the response was

FlexabilityWe offer work leading edge flexible working options including part-time, compressed hours, flexible start time, up to 3 days working from home.

“I appreciate an employer that respects its staff, and one of the ways the VLSB+C shows this is through their commitment to flexible work. For the past several years I have been able to stagger my start and finish times, which supports my work-life balance. I can then take care of getting my children ready and off to school, which in turn takes some pressure off my partner and allows her to pursue her career objectives as well.”Brad, Senior Adviser, Strategic Communications and Engagement


CultureOur culture results are better than the wider VPS by an average of 9%

“I think the organisation should feel proud of the culture. A lot of hard work has gone in to improving this over the years. It really is one of the major strengths of the organisation and should not be taken for granted.”Employee


Well-beingWe have an active Social Club and Health and Wellbeing Committee that promote fun and engaging activities throughout the year

“I was nicely surprised when I joined the VLSB+C to see an engaged Social Club and Well-being Committee. Some of those activities got lost after COVID in other workplaces but not at the VLSB+C. They really want people to feel at home when they come to the office.” - Charlotte, Talent and Recruitment Specialist


PartnershipWe operate in small team sizes allowing you better collaboration with your managers and your peers

The people here make it a great place to work. At times it really feels like a family. I also love the fact that everyone is everyone's champion. My manager is so committed to making me a better person at work, and is encouraging me to find opportunities to grow my skills or even give me the skills to get further. There is a lot of focus on getting the best out of the people they have.”- Employee


PurposeWe play a key role in regulating the legal practice in Victoria

"I was impressed by the mission and vision of the VLSB+C. I like the aspect of helping and regulating the legal profession to be more accountable and engaging with the community.” – Employee


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