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Supervised legal practice time calculator

Access our calculator to work out your remaining Supervised Legal Practice (SLP) time
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Before you use the calculator

You will first need to know whether your supervised legal practice period is either 18 months or two years, depending on how you qualified for admission. 

  • If you undertook practical legal training under the supervision of an Australian lawyer (including articles of clerkship), you must complete the equivalent of 18 months full-time supervised legal practice.
  • If you undertook other practical training, like the courses provided by the Leo Cussen Institute or the College of Law, you must complete the equivalent of two years full-time supervised legal practice.

If you practised part time, only the time that you were actually practising can be counted towards your supervision period. 

Does long service or annual leave count towards SLP time?

Where you work full-time, ordinary periods of leave do not need to be deducted from the period of supervised legal practice.

Any additional periods such as long service leave, unpaid leave and parental leave will not contribute to your period of supervised legal practice. 

How to calculate your SLP time

First insert the Start date and End date of your employment period at the law practice you worked in. If you have worked at multiple law firms or taken extended breaks or periods of leave outside your ordinary annual leave, then you must add another separate period in the calculator by clicking the plus Icon-plus icon. You then must choose your Full Time Equivalent (FTE), a unit measure that represents the standard-hour workloads worked by you during the period.


If you are a full-time employee who works a full work week, which is five-working days or 38 hours on average, then your FTE is 1.


If you are a part-time employee who works a regular set hours but less than the full-time five-working days or 38 hours, then your FTE is less than 1. Use the table below as a guide:

Working days (per week) Working hours FTE
5 38.00 hours 1
4 30.40 hours 0.8
3 22.80 hours 0.6
2 15.20 hours 0.4
1 7.60 hours 0.2



Sally was recently admitted as a lawyer after completing her practical legal training course with the College of Law. She worked at her first law firm A under full-time employment 9am to 5pm, five days a week for a fixed term of 10 months, before changing jobs. Due to her other commitments, in her second law firm B she changed to work part-time from Tuesday to Thursday every week with the same standard hours for the next 12 months. For her time at law firm A she enters the date range for the period she worked there and selects an FTE of 1. She then adds the second date range for the period she worked part-time at law firm B and selects an FTE of 0.6. Her total time of SLP completed is 1 year and 5 months.

Supervised Legal Practice Period Calculator

This calculator helps you to calculate the Supervised Legal Practice (SLP) period remaining on your practising certificate for us to remove the statutory supervision condition. Please note: the calculated results are based on the information you provide at the time of calculation. You should use these results as an estimate and for guidance purposes only for your SLP time remaining or due to complete.


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