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What we do and don't do

Problem with a lawyer? Let's talk.

We help people resolve issues with lawyers registered to practice in Victoria.

These issues can include the behaviour of the lawyer or the legal costs they have charged you as a client. Please try to speak with your lawyer first about your concerns, as they may fix the problem once it has been brought to their attention.

Are we the right people to help you?

If you still need help, take a moment to read our list of things we can help with before you contact us. This explains what we do and don't do.

Things we can help with

  • issues with billing and legal costs that you have been charged
  • poor service or communication
  • mishandling of trust money (for example, theft, money not being released or not providing a trust account statement)
  • behaviour of the lawyer that causes significant harm, property or money loss

Things we may be able to help with

Conflict of Interest

If your matter is before a court or tribunal, you will need to raise your concerns there. If the court or tribunal makes a finding or comment that a conflict of interest existed then contact us.

If your matter is not before a court or tribunal and you think a lawyer has a conflict of interest please speak to your lawyer about the options available to you. If after speaking to your lawyer you are still not sure, then contact us.

Communication/correspondence by the other party’s lawyer

If you believe that the other party’s lawyer has included untrue statements in letters/documents/affidavits and your matter is before a court or tribunal, you must raise you concerns there. If the court or tribunal makes a finding or comment that the lawyer knowingly included untrue statements then contact our office. In all other situations, we can’t help.

If you feel that you have been threatened, harassed or bullied by the other party’s lawyer then we may be able to assist. This doesn’t include the other party’s lawyer threatening to commence legal proceedings.

Delays in communication

We cannot assist with delays or lack of communication by your lawyer unless it has been more than three months or there is a serious risk of harm (for example, an upcoming court date).


We want to know if a lawyer has acted rudely towards you or another person as this can reveal a pattern of behaviour. We don’t look into all claims of rudeness; we will consider what harm you or the other person has suffered because of what was said and may look into the lawyer’s prior history.

Things we can’t help with

  • provide legal advice or represent you
  • consider matters which require a court, tribunal or an independent body to make a decision or finding (for example, claims that a lawyer breached a court order or committed a criminal offence)
  • assist with recovering monies owed to you (unpaid bills or invoices) 
  • matters raised by a beneficiary of an estate about the costs charged to the estate or the lack of communication from the lawyer (you must speak with the executor)


What to do next 

If you think we can help you, please complete our enquiry form

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