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Other ways to get help

We can assist if you have a problem with lawyer's behaviour or the legal costs they have charged you with their services.

Read more about what we do and don't do.

If we can't help you here is a list of other services that may be able to assist.

Legal services and advice
Image of a book with justice scales on it denotes legal advice

We do not provide legal advice.

Contact the Law Institute of Victoria to find a lawyer or other professional such as a mediator or arbitrator. They offer a free referral service.

Victoria Legal Aid has free information on their website about common legal issues, and in some circumstances can provide legal advice. Visit their website to search for legal information and use their Legal Help Chat, or you can call them on 1300 792 387. 

Justice Connect works with pro bono lawyers to provide legal information, advice and representation for people in our community. You can apply for legal help for a range of services listed on their website.

Community legal centres can provide free legal advice and support on some matters. There are centres located across Victoria that can help with family violence, family law, tenancy and housing.  The Federation of Community Legal Centres can put you in contact with the centre closest to you.

Contact Consumer Action Law Centre for free, independent and confidential advice for a range of consumer and financial issues such as debt collection, banking or credit disputes, public transport fines and insurance.

Legal work undertaken by non-lawyers
Three legal books in a row

We handle complaints about lawyers in Victoria. You can check if a person is licenced to practice law in Victoria on our Register of Lawyers.

However, if you believe that someone is pretending to be a lawyer then we would like to know. This is called unqualified legal practice and we may be able to take action against these people. Contact us if this applies in your situation.

There are however, many businesses that perform certain types of legal work that do not require a person to be licenced to practice law, such as a transfer of real estate (conveyancer) or support with visa applications (migration agent).

We only regulate conveyancing services if they are provided by a lawyer or legal practice. Refer to problems with conveyancing on our website. If you have hired a licensed conveyancer, contact Consumer Affairs Victoria.

If you have hired a registered migration agent contact the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs for support.

Complaints about a Judge, Magistrate, judicial officer or VCAT member
Image of three court judges in court

We can only consider the conduct or actions of judicial officers that happened before their appointment to the judiciary. We can’t investigate the conduct or actions of judicial officers or their decisions after their appointment.

Contact the Judicial Commission of Victoria to submit your complaint about a judicial officer or VCAT member. 

Complaints about government officials, departments or agencies
image of a suitcase and a government building

We can’t consider the actions of state government agencies and councils.

Contact the Victorian Ombudsman for complaints about an action or decision made by a Victorian public organisation.

Contact the Victorian Local Government Inspectorate for concerns about local councillors, staff or elections.

Public sector corruption and police misconduct
Justice scales held up by a hand

You can make a complaint about public sector corruption and misconduct or provide information to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) via their website.  If you need help or want to speak with them in person, please call 1300 735 135.

Other State and Territory legal regulators
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New South Wales
Northern Territory
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Western Australia

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